Census 2021

The census takes place every 10 years. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for conducting the survey that gives them the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales.

The census asks questions about you, your household and your home. In doing so, it helps to build a detailed snapshot of our society. Information from the census helps the government and local authorities to plan and fund local services, such as education, doctors’ surgeries and roads.

All households will receive an invitation to fill out the census questionnaire in March 2021 with a household access code, as well as information to help them to take part online.

Census Day is Sunday 21st March 2021. This is an important date for the 2021 Census. You can and absolutely should fill out the Census before and after 21st March but the Office for National Statistics uses the day as a reference point for the process.

Everyone should fill out the Census with the place they will be living in on 21st March, and all children born before or on 21st March should also be counted.

For the first time this will be a digital-first census, but paper will be available for those who need it.

Ashford Advice have been authorised to help people who need support to take part online. When you have received your letter from the ONS contact us for further details. More information will be available on our website nearer the date.

Plumbers Scam

This scam is where people have instructed plumbers and agreed a price.

The charge comes through and is £100’s of pounds more.

The company is taking credit card details in advance, convincing the customer its because of COVID and people not paying.

This should be refundable for both credit and debit as the client had not agreed to the charge. Contact you card issuer.


We are aware of many people getting recorded messages supposedly form HMRC.

HMRC does not put out these kind of messages

You’ll never get an email, text message, message in an application (for example WhatsApp) or a phone call from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) which:

  • tells you about a tax rebate or penalty
  • asks for your personal or payment information

We are aware of the telephone number 0161 521 3262 generating these calls.

If you get a call like this please do not give them any personal information, or call back the number.

If you have already given them information, please call us for more advice