Email: this is the quickest and easiest way to get advice from us, email your enquiry to Ashfordadvice@gmail.com Please include your name, address and daytime phone number, with as much details of your enquiry
Telephone: call 01233 626185, one of our advisors will call you back. (please note we call from witheld numbers)
In Person: this is by appointment ONLY. After contacting us by email or telephone, our adviser will tell you if we need to see you in person. WE ARE UNABLE TO OFFER ANY APPOINTMENTS DURING THE CURRENT LOCKDOWN PERIOD
Last Minute: On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, you may be able to get an in person appointment if we have had cancellations. Please telephone 01233 626185 AFTER 9.30am to find out if there is same day availability. You will be given a time to attend. WE ARE UNABLE TO OFFER ANY APPOINTMENTS DURING THE CURRENT LOCKDOWN PERIOD

  • If you’re offered an appointment, we will ask you to agree and date and time for you to attend. THIS CAN NOT BE CHANGED.
  • We are required to ask you questions about COVID-19 before you attend.
  • You will be required to use the sanitization station in our lobby, and to wear a face mask, which will be provided ( you may bring your own provided it covers your mouth and nose)
  • The maximum duration of appointment will be 40 minutes
  •  Essential  Please make sure you have all relevant paperwork with you, this can also be emailed in advance( prefered).
  • You should arrive at least FIVE minutes before your appointment, and you should alert us to your arrival either by telephone or using our intercom
  • You will have to wait outside until we are ready to see you, our waiting room is closed. Please understand that we have to prepare our rooms in between clients, so there may be a delay in your your appointment start time – this will not reduce the time you have with an advisor
  • MISSED APPOINTMENTS, if you can not attend please call or email us 24 hours in advance. If you fail to do this we cannot guarantee another appointment for several months.

There are no drop in sessions until further notice, and our office at Tenterden remains closed.

Do not come to our office without a pre booked appointment